Lombok Notary

With a focus in Lombok and more specifically the south part of it, Lombok Notary relies on an extensive network ranging from local head of villages to public officials based in the various district capitals.

Risk being an integral part of any property market transaction, we aim to reduce it to a minimum through extensive due diligence both informal through local channels as well as public authorities.

Based on proper due diligence, a transaction is then relying on strong fundamentals allowing an efficient documentation process and a timely and compliant closing.  

Our Services

Property Market

  • Land Registry Due Diligence
  • Local Due Diligence
  • Power of Attorney
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Partnership Agreement

Corporate Vehicles

  • Company Registration
  • License Applications
  • Director Services

Life and Death Events

  • Marriage
  • Inheritance
  • Divorce

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